Navigating your business
to a more secure future

We are a leading cyber security consultancy, driven by people. Whether you are a multi-national listed business or a boutique technology company, we have the experience and skills to help you understand and improve your security position.

We stand on the cutting-edge of innovation and guide our clients through the ever-changing cyber security landscape.

Bespoke Service

Our services are uniquely tailored to you, ensuring complete visibility over your systems. 

Clear Communication

We provide a fully transparent service and keep you updated every step of the way. 

Expert Team

We offer dedicated lead consultants and a specialist team with real-world experience. 


Our detailed reports and debriefs provide the clarity you need to make the decisions that matter.


Securing Your Business

The cyber landscape continues to evolve. With digital transformation comes threats of a more advanced level and scale than ever before. 

Our team has years of experience in helping businesses navigate this rapidly changing environment. We’ll work with you to arm your organisation with the knowledge to evade sophisticated modern-day threats and keep your business safe. 


of businesses breached

Almost a third of businesses identified cybersecurity breaches or attacks against their networks in the last 12 months.


reduced productivity

Hacked firms found staff are often prevented from carrying out their workloads, impacting business health.


are phishing attacks

A huge proportion of cybersecurity breaches come from phishing. Social engineering tactics and the ubiquity of cloud have made phishing a prolific cyber threat.


are caused by human error

A huge proportion of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, either because of accidents or that they have not had the required training to protect the business they work for. 

What our clients say

‘We felt that we were in safe hands with Arcturus from our first interaction with the team, and we’ve established a strong partnership with them since.’
Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE
CEO, Evolve

‘Our working relationship with Arcturus has felt completely refined throughout, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use their penetration testing services again in the future.’
Tom Beastall
Head of Technology Solutions, Rullion

Latest Knowledge

Arcturus cybersecurity consultants author a wide range of materials to help you understand everything from incident planning to threat intelligence.

Case studies

Arcturus cybersecurity consultants work with everyone from public sector bodies and global businesses to SMEs and start-ups. Read our success stories here.
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Check out our factsheets for detailed information on the matrix of cybersecurity products and services we offer to protect your business.

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Arcturus cybersecurity consultants explore issues in cyber threat intelligence, incident planning and data security. Read our whitepapers to help make decisions that benefit your business. Learn more >