Navigating your business to a more secure future. 

In order to do this, you first need to know where you stand. By employing Arcturus Security to assure your applications and assets through penetration tests, you will know exactly where you currently are and how you compare to your peers. We will guide you on which are the best paths to take to improve your security posture and explain why. This will allow you to select the best remediation path to achieve the desired goal of being more secure and give that re-assurance to your customers, shareholders, and staff that you take cyber security seriously.

Our testers are CREST-certified expert pen testers, and we have over 7 years experience in delivering assurance services. We have a proven track record of finding flaws, supporting their remediation to help businesses navigate the cyber security landscape and stay ahead of the hackers.

So what is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, (also known as pen testing or ethical hacking), is where we attempt to access and compromise your network, system, or application by replicating the actions of a real-world hacker. Our highly experienced and qualified penetration testers use a combination of automated tools and manual processes to uncover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could present a cyber-security risk to you, your clients or supply chain.

As a technical exercise, pen testing involves an internal & external analysis of your IT infrastructure and applications, as well as testing human elements though social engineering. Pen testing is a fundamental component of your risk management programme.


Application Penetration Testing

Our bespoke penetration tests identify and address any security gaps in your applications that leave your business at risk. 

> Mobile Application Testing

> Product Assessment

> Web Application Testing

Network Infrastructure

Using a range of methodologies we assess your infrastructure to provide you with complete visibility of your security posture. 

> External Testing

> Internal Testing

Configuration Reviews

A bespoke audit of your business-critical systems and devices ensures that they work securely and in harmony with the rest of your network.


Assurance for your Business

No matter what type of applications, systems or devices you use, it is ultimately your responsibility to protect the information you store and process.

It is therefore essential to verify that all the technology you use is working as it should be, without any security holes that could lead to reputational damage and substantial financial penalties. 

We can help your business to understand the threats you face and deliver the actionable advice you need to protect your infrastructure. 

Other services


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