86% of mobile applications have at least one vulnerability violating the OWASP Top 10. If these issues are exploited by cyber criminals or malicious users, it can have serious implications for an organisation, in terms of both cost and reputational damage.

If your company uses bespoke mobile apps, we can help you verify that there are no security weaknesses and provide you with ongoing support to make sure your mobile app security is watertight.

Bespoke Service

Tailored to your applications, needs and success criteria. 

Rigorous Testing

Using the most advanced techniques.

Personalised Reporting

From high-level executive summaries to technical reports. 

Ongoing Support

From our dedicated consultants and support team.

Staying secure in an agile world

Mobile applications are becoming central to many businesses, and competitive pressure can mean that security often falls by the wayside. Whether you’ve adopted new technologies or are reviewing the security of your existing mobile applications, we’ll work with you to put your mind at ease and ensure complete security.

Regardless of the operating system or the technology that keeps your applications running, our testing methodology will find and help you to close every single gap within your mobile applications.

How we work


We determine your specific requirements before building a tailored proposal.


Our thorough testing simulates the attack methodologies of today’s most advanced hackers. 

Personalised Reporting

Our comprehensive reports impart clear, practical advice on how to address any weaknesses. 


We offer ongoing support to guide you through the process of securing your applications. 

Internationally Recognised Services

Our penetration testing services are CREST-approved, demonstrating our outstanding quality when it comes to operating procedures, data security, and approach.

CREST is an international not-for-profit accreditation and certification body that represents and supports the technical information security market.


What is tested during a mobile application test?

Will utilise the methods and tools used by hackers and malicious users to carry-out a simulation of different types of attack on your mobile applications. Each test is carried out in-line with the OWASP Top 10 framework. We’ll assess the mobile application for security weaknesses, including but not limited to those identified by the OWASP Mobile Security Project. Where mobile applications connect to a server via an Application Programmatic Interface (API), we will test the APIs:

  • Session management
  • Authentication mechanism
  • Access controls
  • Encryption protocols
How will testing mobile applications help my business?

Whether it’s providing customers with mobile applications or using them internally to streamline business processes, the transferring, processing and storing of data is increasingly mobile-first.

Ultimately, businesses are responsible for the safety of any data that passes through or is held on their applications – and regular testing will ensure that your business isn’t exposed to the reputational or financial damage that can be a result of insecure systems.

Other services

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Product Assessment

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