If you develop a software product or service, are you confident that it’s as secure as it can be?

Your clients rely on you to keep their data secure, so if you’ve not had your product or service independently assessed, your reputation is at risk if a vulnerability is discovered.

Our experienced consultants help your development team thoroughly analyse your entire product and service portfolio, identifying any security gaps and providing clear guidance on how to address any vulnerabilities and deliver a watertight product suite. Your team also benefit from knowledge transfer to improve the security of their future developments.

Dedicated Consultant

Works in partnership with you every step of the way.

Experienced Team

Security specialists with a background in product development. 

Advanced Techniques

Manual and automated testing methods leave no weakness uncovered. 

Clear Guidance

Detailed reporting and ongoing support help you achieve complete security. 

The Benefits of Product Testing


Protect your Reputation

Guard against irreparable damage to your brand caused by compromised systems. Contact us >

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Use third-party validation as a key benefit of the product to build trust in your brand. Contact us >

Ensure Compliance

Evidence commitment to international regulations and security standards including GDPR, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. 

Secure your product suite today

If you’re developing new software it is essential that regular and independent security testing is baked into your development lifecycle. Failure to do so risks reputational damage and your clients’ data.

Our bespoke assessment gives you and your stakeholders the third-party assurance that your products and services are safeguarded from modern threats.

Get in touch to arrange a bespoke testing programme today.

How we work


We determine your specific requirements before building a tailored proposal.


Our thorough testing simulates the attack methodologies of today’s most advanced hackers.


Our comprehensive reports impart clear, practical advice on how to address any weaknesses.


We offer ongoing support to guide you through the process of securing your applications. 


What is product assessment?

In a typical product assessment, qualified professionals assume the roles of hackers or dangerous users and attempt to interfere with your product in a number of different environments. This process highlights vulnerabilities and security gaps within your products and product development life cycle, enabling you to resolve any security issues before you go to market.

At what stage of the development lifecycle will my products be tested?

If you are about to embark on developing a new product, now is the perfect time to review processes and introduce independent security testing. Unfortunately, too often we’ve seen security testing thrown in just before product release, resulting in projects being delayed due to major rework.

We’ve had great success with integrating our independent security testing at key milestones throughout projects, thus avoiding any nasty surprises just before go-live.

From product conception to the finished article, we work with you to optimise your software development process against modern threats, guaranteeing ongoing security as you launch and develop new offerings.

When do we receive the results of a product assessment?

We tailor our assessments to work with you and how you work. We can be on-site and work closely with your development team to iterate testing and improvements, or we can work in isolation from your development and then present the final results, or something in-between. Whatever works best for you.

Other services

Web Application Testing

Web application attacks range in size and complexity, from the exploitation of vulnerable open source components, to app-specific attacks which take advantage of user controls. Internal web applications are at risk too, from disgruntled or malicious users who may find loopholes and use their position to wreak havoc. Learn more >

Mobile Application Testing

86% of mobile applications have at least one vulnerability violating the OWASP Top 10. If these issues are exploited by cyber criminals or malicious users, it can have serious implications for an organisation, in terms of both cost and reputational damage. Learn more >