Although the ongoing growth of modern networks and connected systems has enabled new opportunities for businesses, as these networks expand, so too does the potential attack surface for malicious individuals to infiltrate organisations and compromise data assets.

Our network testing simulates these real-world attacks to determine your strength and resilience against such threats. We identify specific vulnerabilities within your infrastructure and provide clear, practical advice on how you can safeguard your business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Bespoke Service

Tailored to your network, needs and success criteria.

Rigorous Testing

Using the most advanced techniques.

Personalised Reporting

From high-level executive summaries to technical reports. 

Ongoing Support

From our dedicated consultants and support team. 

Secure your network today

It’s highly likely that your network contains at least one vulnerability that is leaving you open to attack. Firewalls, routers, cloud-based services, operating systems and databases are just some of the many connected network components that could be exploited to hurt your business.

We test all of these elements, and more, to identify and resolve security gaps in both your internal and external network infrastructures.

Get in touch today to discuss how our services can help you secure your network.

The Benefits of Network Testing

Enjoy peace of mind

Put the focus back on your business with confidence that your network is secure. 

Protect your reputation

Guard against irreparable damage to your brand caused by compromised systems. 

Save Money

Avoid extensive costs associated with post-breach remediation.

Ensure Compliance

Evidence commitment to regulations and standards including GDPR, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

How we work


We assess your network infrastructure to determine your specific needs before creating a bespoke proposal. 


Our combination of manual and automated tests simulate the attack methodologies of today’s most advanced hackers. 


Our comprehensive reports impart clear, practical advice on how to address any weaknesses. 


We offer ongoing support to guide you through the process of securing your network. 

Our Reports

Following each assessment, we deliver three clear reports to ensure each stakeholder understands our recommendations and is able to act on them appropriately.

  • High-level executive summary
  • Detailed management overview
  • Full technical report


What is network testing?

Arcturus’ network penetration tests assess the strength of the devices on your corporate network against malicious cyber-threats. Our team of highly-qualified experts use real-world attack models and a combination of automated and manual techniques to identify weaknesses within your network, and provide clear, actionable advice on how to bolster your overall security posture.

What is assessed during a network infrastructure test?

A weak network can be exploited by both internal threats, such as employees or contractors, and external attacks from cyber criminals. For this reason, we offer tests both inside and outside your organisation’s network, guaranteeing complete coverage.

Our testing includes:

  • Enumeration of all devices on the target network
  • Enumeration of all exposed services running on the devices
  • Identification of all security vulnerabilities such as:
    • Missing security updates
    • Default/weak Passwords
    • Misconfigurations
  • Exploitation of critical vulnerabilities
  • Privilege escalation within compromised devices
  • Pivoting from compromised devices to attack other devices
  • Assessment of all compromised data and access privileges
Will my normal business operations be disrupted during a network test?

Our testing programme is designed to cause as little disruption to your corporate network as possible, enabling your business to operate as it normally would while we carry out our assessments.

Our experienced consultants regularly perform these assessments on production environments. Our methodology is specifically designed to minimise disruption.

How long does network testing take?

The length of a network penetration test depends on the scale of your network and the number of connected systems that you use. Our consultants work with you to determine a timeframe for your particular requirements to make sure you understand the scale of the job and ensure that your business is thoroughly vetted for network vulnerabilities.

Do you recommend other tests to complement network testing?

If you’ve added web or mobile applications to your infrastructure, or offer software products to your customers, we recommend conducting separate penetration tests for these services to ensure watertight security across the board.

Today’s threat landscape is so sophisticated that each component of your technology stack will be targeted with different, nuanced attack techniques. Our suite of penetration testing services, including web and mobile application and product testing, helps you to safeguard every area of your infrastructure.

Other services

Internal Testing

The threat doesn’t always come from the outside. Often it is already inside your network perimeter. From naïve employees who fall for scams, to disgruntled users with extensive administrative rights and contractors compromised by malicious third-parties, any individual with access to your network has the potential to wreak havoc on your systems. Learn more >

External Testing

Hackers are devising new attack methods and evasion techniques to infiltrate corporate networks every day. To avoid a security breach bringing you to a standstill and ensure ongoing compliance with global regulatory requirements, it is vital to assess the strength of your systems against external threats.Learn more >