Hackers are devising new attack methods and evasion techniques to infiltrate corporate networks every day. To avoid a security breach bringing you to a standstill and ensure ongoing compliance with global regulatory requirements, it is vital to assess the strength of your systems against external threats.

Our external network testing helps you keep pace with modern cyber criminals. We simulate real-world attacks to identify outward-facing weaknesses within your network, and provide clear guidance on how to secure your systems.

Bespoke Service

Tailored to your network, needs and success criteria.

Rigorous Testing

Using the most advanced techniques.

Personalised Reporting

From high-level executive summaries to technical reports. 

Ongoing Support

From our dedicated consultants and support team. 

Verify your defences against malicious attacks

Without robust security measures in place, business-critical networks can be left exposed to a wide range of attack methods, due to firewall misconfigurations, missing security updates or weak or default credentials.

Independent verification of your external perimeter and its security controls will significantly reduce the risk of a cyber-attack At the very least, this will result in significant disruption, with consequences potentially extending to irreparable financial and reputational damage.

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What to test for

At least one vulnerability is found in the vast majority of external penetration tests. If these were to be exploited by cyber criminals, sensitive information could easily be stolen, altered or used to cause significant financial or reputational damage to your business.

In order to identify any weaknesses in your infrastructure it’s important to thoroughly test all points of entry into your network, including devices, internet-facing assets and full routes into your system via external networks. Any firewalls and security systems you already have in place should also be assessed.

How we work


We determine your specific requirements before building a tailored proposal. 


Our thorough testing simulates the attack methodologies of today’s most advanced hackers. 


Our comprehensive reports impart clear, practical advice on how to address any weaknesses. 


We offer ongoing support to guide you through the process of securing your network. 


Does my business need external network testing?

In short, yes – your business most likely has a firewall to protect it from cyber-attacks. But if it has been misconfigured or hasn’t been properly maintained with all the relevant security updates, your company is at risk. Even temporary changes made several months ago could still be live and exposing your organisation to cyber threats.

A penetration test provides independent verification that your external perimeter is secure.

Researchers from Rapid7 found that during 80% of external penetration testing engagements, at least one vulnerability was found. They also discovered that in 33% of their penetration tests, user credentials could be obtained – enabling an attacker to wreak havoc across an entire network.

If cyber criminals are able to access your network, they can easily steal or modify sensitive data or bring down your entire IT systems – causing unparalleled financial and reputational damage.

What happens during an external network test?

An external network test will use the most up-to-date tools and techniques employed by cyber criminals to assess your network for any issues.

Our expert team will then provide you with clear, actionable steps that you can take to improve security, and will guide you through these to ensure that your systems are as resilient as possible.

Which aspects of my infrastructure will you test?

We’ll assess your network for any security gaps across your entire infrastructure. This includes carrying out thorough testing of:

  • Any points of entry into your network, including devices and internet-facing assets
  • Full routes into your systems via an external network
  • Your firewalls and any security systems

Other services

Internal Testing

The threat doesn’t always come from the outside. Often it is already inside your network perimeter. From naïve employees who fall for scams, to disgruntled users with extensive administrative rights and contractors compromised by malicious third-parties, any individual with access to your network has the potential to wreak havoc on your systems.Learn more >

Network Infrastructure

Our network testing simulates these real-world attacks to determine your strength and resilience against such threats. We identify specific vulnerabilities within your infrastructure and provide clear, practical advice on how you can safeguard your business as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn more >