Author: Melodie Foster

Date: 20th January 2021


Seven vulnerabilities have been disclosed that impact a popular DNS software package which is commonly used in networking equipment such as access points.

The vulnerabilities found in Dnsmasq, which is a DNS forwarding client for *NIX-based operating systems, are being tracked as DNSpooq and are affecting various devices ranging from Cisco devices and Android smartphones to access points and VPN’s.

These DNSpooq vulnerabilities are dangerous because they can be combined to poison DNS cache entries. This is an issue as it allows for attackers to be able to redirect users to clones of legitimate websites. For example, if a hacker can exploit a DNSpooq attack to poison DNS cache entries for on a company’s router, they can direct all the company’s employees to an Outlook phishing site while the browser will show the legitimate address in their browser. This can then be used to collect the employee’s login credentials.

Of the seven vulnerabilities that have recently been discovered, three allow for DNS cache poisoning and four are buffer overflows that could lead to remote code execution.

Oberman, CEO of JSOF, whose teams disclosed the vulnerabilities, said that it would be fairly simple to exploit these vulnerabilities but, “the main challenge for someone exploiting these vulnerabilities on a large scale is that they are quite noisy so they will probably be noticed by ISPs and other companies with wide visibility to internet traffic.”

Dnsmasq versions before 2.83 are susceptible to DNSpooq and so users are being advised to upgrade to version 2.83[1].



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