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Configuration Reviews

Every organisation’s IT systems are different. Regardless of how it looks, any mistakes when it comes to the installation or configuration of networks, servers, and other infrastructure can cause a ripple effect through your entire organisation.

We audit the security configuration of your key IT assets based on industry-standard benchmarks and ensure that each component of your IT infrastructure is working in harmony and as securely as possible.

Taking a step back

Without regular reviews, any poorly configured component of your systems can be the weak link that allows an attacker to wreak havoc across your entire IT estate, causing outages and leaving you vulnerable to a security breach. Therefore, understanding how your new installation sits within your IT environment is vital.

By looking at the bigger picture when it comes to installing new operating systems, network devices, products or other components, our expert team will ensure that your infrastructure is as robust and running as efficiently as possible.

We offer configuration reviews for:

  • Windows Server and Desktops
  • Linux Servers
  • Firewalls and Network Devices
  • Database Servers
  • Web Servers

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    Benefits of a configuration review

    • Reduce risk
      Implement best practises to take your security posture to the next level.
    • Save money
      Review gold builds and standard configurations before implementing across your estate.
    • Non-intrusive
      Review the security of your systems without the intrusion of an active penetration test.
    • Defence in depth
      Identify weaknesses which present a risk in conjunction with another vulnerability.


    What is a configuration review?
    A configuration review will provide you with detailed insight into the security configuration of your off-the-shelf appliances and software products, ensuring all security features are enabled and correctly configured.
    Why do my IT systems need a configuration review?
    Many off-the-shelf appliances and software products are not securely configured out-of-the-box. An audit of the system’s configuration will provide recommendations on how to best utilise the product’s security features.
    Which systems should I review?
    You should conduct configuration reviews of any off-the-shelf appliances and software products such as:

    • Windows servers
    • Windows desktops
    • Linux servers
    • Firewalls
    • Network devices
    • Database servers
    • Web servers

    We would recommend starting with any systems that contain sensitive information, for example servers or databases or systems that are externally facing such as firewalls. Additionally, any configuration that you plan to implement across multiple devices such as Windows desktop “Gold Builds” should also be reviewed by an independent third-party to validate that everything has been set up correctly and securely.
    What are the types of issues that you will look for?
    We will review the product’s configuration based on the manufacturer’s recommendation and industry best practices. These can range from the implementation of password policies, security updates, encryption configuration, access controls, auditing, logging configuration and other product-specific configuration options.

    Why Arcturus?

    Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to help you detect and defend against today’s most advanced cyber threats.

    Whether your organisation is large or small, and no matter which stage of the journey you’re on, we’ll equip you with the tools you need and support you in navigating the evolving cyber landscape.

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