Our bespoke workshops will give you the tools you need to navigate today’s complex security landscape. Factoring security into the software development life cycle and regularly testing your systems is crucial to protecting your organisation and your customers, but this can be difficult to implement without the right skills in place.

Whether you need to meet specific compliance requirements, or want to build security into the development process without compromising agility, our experts will provide you with best-practice tips and techniques that you can take away and put in place to bolster your security.


Secure Coding Workshop for Developers

To avoid post-release vulnerabilities, building security into the software development life cycle is crucial – but to achieve this developers first need to understand how to identify and resolve security issues.  

Security Awareness

Managed Security Awareness Training

Unsure how to keep your workforce up to date on the latest cyber threats when your current plans are dated and not working!
Move away from Old School training programs and move to the New way of training your employees so they are empowered and confident in completing their jobs.

Other services


Cyber threats are becoming increasingly complex. To remain secure, you need total visibility of your infrastructure and how it stands up against the changing risk landscape. Our bespoke assessments result in simple, actionable advice to give you complete assurance that your systems are free from vulnerabilities. Learn more >


Many organisations use CCTV to monitor their office for suspicious activity after-hours. But if you aren’t applying the same levels of surveillance to your network perimeter, it’s only a matter of time before a malicious individual takes advantage and compromises your business. Learn more >